A True Tobacco Alternative

Uniquely and exclusively for Adult Smokers
Recently, a group of medicines have emerged known as NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapies). These products contain purified nicotine and are introduced to assist in weaning smokers off of their cigarettes.

Yes, there are low tar or lower smoke (smokeless) versions and, even dummy cigarettes designed solely for putting in one's mouth.

Xgel is a Unique Alternative to Traditional Tobacco Products and should not be confused with NRTs.  Xgel is a true tobacco alternative.

Use When You Want to Smoke But Can't
Society continues to restrict smoking by increasing the number of smoking bans throughout most public places. With these restrictions there comes a need for a Tobacco Alternative for those that do wish to smoke. Xgel is exactly what you need during these times offering you up to four hours of relief per single application.

Manufactured in the USA by Nicorub, LLC